Hair Update

Posted on September 15, 2010


For the last 3 years I have continually been using heat on my hair close to every single day. With or without heat protectant, it didn’t matter to me because I thought that I had the most healthiest hair in the world, with not a single split end in site, until just recently my hair decided to do a whole 360 on me. Where there was once shine, there is now uncontrollable frizz. Where there was body and silky texture there are just flat roots with dead fried ends. Even when I run the straightening iron through it, I don’t get the same results as I always did before. So now I decided to take action. In other words ACTION=HAIRCUT. So that’s exactly what I did.

I asked my hairdresser to cut off all my dead ends, which ended up being about 3-4 inches of hair. Though all the dead ends are chopped off, my hair still has that same dry/damaged texture. I want to go back to having long, thick hair and it is going to take some work….actually A LOT of work, a little bit less of the heat, and a little bit more of some deep conditioner and a whole lot of patience.

From now on in the beginning of each month, I will be doing hair updates, and in between I will be reviewing the products that work with my hair. And I hope that by at least December we will be seeing some good results. Until next time.


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